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Jaguar E-Pace Thrills Public at Washington Auto Show

By Dave Harris

Jaguar gave thousands of Washington Auto Show attendees the first U.S. public ride in the new E-PACE, Jaguar’s sub-compact SUV, and what a ride they got!! Jaguar set up a thrilling, dynamic driving course to demonstrate the E-PACE’s acceleration, cornering and off-road capabilities. Corner drifting, flying over opposing shoulder humps at high speed and tackling a 60 degree incline accent and decent were just some of the dramatic driving experiences provided to those willing to stand in line for over an hour at times. We witnessed groups upon groups of people spill out of the 4 E-PACE vehicles with big smiles, laughter and high-fives—no one left disappointed. The “Art of Performance” was obvious and Jaguar gave a first class performance.

Known as the “Public Policy Show” the Washington Auto Show is designated as one of the top five auto shows in the nation according to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. The show is a world-class event that continues to wow audiences with its cutting-edge exhibits, latest model cars and displays of historic vehicles, according to its website. Clearly JaguarLandRover seized the opportunity. Their combined display amounted to tens of thousands of square feet; all other manufactures to include Audi, BMW, Porsche and Lexus paled by comparison. JaguarLandRover commanded the floor and instantly grabbed the attention of auto show goers the moment they walked into the room. Hundreds of people would stand on the sidelines watching these eye-catching E-PACE vehicles strut their stuff.

The Jaguar floor display included many of the familiar models such as the new XJ, XE, F-PACE and the F-TYPE but also a couple of new models introduced for 2018. Along with the E-PACE, Jaguar has introduced the Jaguar XF sport wagon. In the UK, it’s called the Sport Brake. Jaguar continues to deliver some of the most beautiful vehicles on the road and the XF sport wagon is no exception and in this case, Jaguar has delivered the impossible. This is not that 1970’s Oldsmobile estate wagon that either you hauled your kids around in or you were the one being hauled. This is a powerful looking, ground hugging, versatile sports car-like wagon that says take me to the track!! This XF wagon, with “Sport” badging, has a pavement chewing 380 HP supercharged V-6 under the bonnet and huge red brake calibers to keep it tame.

Add all wheel drive and this machine will take you to the slopes or conquer any commute in any kind of weather. The teenagers won’t be asking you to drop them off a block or so from the school front door! In fact, they’ll likely want you to haul all their friends home instead.

Jaguar pulled off a class act at the Washington Auto Show. The debut of the E-PACE was a smashing hit and the Jaguar Drive Experience captured the imaginations of thousands. Jaguar continues to deliver grace, space and pace—the new line up is no exception.


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