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President's Message

April 2018

As you all are aware, the colder strange weather has remained but fear not - great top-down weather like we experienced last week is on the way!  This means NCJOC Spring Slalom, car shows, driving opportunities, tech session(s), judge training and other great events.    So, get those cars ready to have fun!


You will have likely noticed that we have a new website:

The old website no longer exists.

Rebekah Harris is rebuilding things from the ground up and you will find that the calendar is up and being constantly updated and that other pages and information is systematically being introduced.  We know this has been said before but please be patient.  When complete you will be able to:  plan from an up to date calendar; see sections that highlight activities with photos and articles like our newsletter; access info about our sponsors and their services; acquire regalia and other goodies; register for events and be able to join/renew membership.  Most Importantly, you will also be able to securely pay for things online.


We have begun to have formal monthly executive business meetings in advance of regular monthly meetings so we can ensure our monthly meetings are truly social times and designed for us to share our Jaguar experiences and fun with other members.  Please take a look at the calendar and plan to attend the monthly meetings – they are and will be fun.


John and Bob

Photo credit: Bob Engh
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