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President's Message

July 2024 from Greg Furst

I’m very excited about taking office as president of the chapter at one of our recent meetings, especially with the other officers and chairmen continuing in their positions they have so successfully been filling for quite some time.  John Larson has been our president for many years, and we all owe him a huge thank you for the many successes we have experienced over the years. 

For those you who have been members for quite some time, I hope you are seeing the initiatives we have been experiencing, especially within the chapter website (  It is so much more interactive and up to date than it has been in quite some time (including this new president’s letter!).  We expect to make our website a center of our communications with members;  for example, there are multiple forums/topic areas where members can post their thoughts and interests that already are seeing “traffic”.  I urge you to visit the website and take advantage of this resource.  We also encourage you to identify new ideas you have there (such as volunteering to tell your story about your Jaguar(s)).

We are starting up the season’s club activities and hope to see you at the ones that interest you.  In late April we conducted the chapter concours in conjunction with the annual Britain on the Green, with many more participants than we have had in many years.  It was a very successful event, thanks to numerous new (and previously, experienced) volunteers to make it work, setting the stage for future chapter success in this important, JCNA-related activity.   

Over the next few weeks, we will be having an event (on July 28th) at the 868 winery in Purcellville, VA (this drew a good crowd last year; on August 24th a visit to Pirates Cove in Galesville, MD; and a couple of slalom events in September and October, along with other activities. We have listed the activities in two groups in our revised calendar, those which are chapter related or for active members, and those which are expected to be of interest to club members, such as popular regional car shows.  We are looking at visiting a restoration shop in the club area as well, something we have not done in a while.

Which brings me to asking you to speak up on what the chapter can do to make the chapter of high interest to you.  Maybe you know of some function you think would generate interest to some of our 100+ chapter members.  I am looking for your ideas, and maybe the ability to establish some “lieutenants” who can lead an activity with the support of the club chairmen/officers to try out some new ideas.  If you would like to float something past me, give me a call at (703) 864-3870 or email me at  Or I may just be calling you up to see how we are doing for you; I look forward to it.   



Photo credit: Bob Engh
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