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The Nation’s Capital Jaguar Owners Club

2019 Concours d’Elegance



Date: September 15th, 2019

Location: 5260 Western Ave., Chevy Chase, MD 


Sunday, Sept. 15:

8:00-- Field opens; vehicle entry begins with operational checks and prep time.

10:00-- Judges meeting.

10:15-- Rags Down; Instructions to entrants.

10:30 - 1:30 -- Vehicle judging.

2:30 -- Awards and closing.


**Request for Registration** [Download Form Here 





US MAIL -- Download a registration form (MS WORD or PDF);

                   Write in the information as directed.  See Page 2 for the proper Concours Class of your vehicle;

                   Mail the form plus your check to the NCJOC mailbox indicated on the form;

                   Note that if you choose to send your registration by US Mail, you can still pay online as directed below


EMAIL --  Download the MS WORD version of the registration form;

                Type in the information as required.  See Page 2 for the proper Concours Class of your vehicle.  

                Note that you must DELETE the extra spaces on each line that your typing created;

                Save your registration, then attach it to your email message to the Concours Chairman:;

                Pay online with credit card as directed below.

**Online Payments Accepted via PayPal**  REGISTRATION CLOSED  

Registration fee can be paid by personal check as indicated above, or through Paypal as follows.  Click the yellow "BUY NOW" button, and proceed as directed to Paypal.  Important note -- you do not need to have a Paypal account, nor to establish a Paypal account, in order to use Paypal.


                               Champion Class- $35

                               Driven Class- $35

                               Special Class- $35

                               Display Class- $25

Selected JCNA Concours Registration Guidelines for



Registrations for judged vehicles (Champion; Driven; Special classes) must be received by August 31.  Any registrations received later than August 31 will be entered in the Display category.  Registrations for Display vehicles must be received by September 6.  All registrations, upon receipt, will be confirmed to the registrant’s email address.   No registrations will be accepted on the day of the show.  “For Sale” signs should not be displayed on show cars.


A block of 10 rooms has been set aside at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, 5520 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase, MD, located just two blocks from the Concours site.  Reservations can be made by individual attendees directly with Marriott reservations at 800.321.2211 or directly with the Hotel reservations department at 301.828.3364 x7000.  Please indicate that your reservation is for the “NCJOC Room Block.”  The room block rate of $89 (plus 13% tax) will be available for Saturday, September 14, and the cutoff date for that room block rate is on or before Friday, August 23.  Hotel parking is available, and a covered parking area is available at the Concours site.


Let‘s face it, you feel a certain affection for your Jaguar.  You get a special feeling driving your Jaguar, maintaining it, even just looking at it.  You want to share those feelings with other “Jagophiles.” So, bring your Jaguar to the NCJOC Concours d'Elegance.   


Our September 15 Concours d'Elegance has been listed on the club calendar for months, and now it's time to get serious about signing up.  The registration form has been posted for two months on our website (see Concours tab), on the national website (see Events/Concours for listings), and in the Jaguar Journal.  We have set a registration deadline for August 31 to allow time for preparing judges' assignments, the field organization, and other administrative chores.


NCJOC members have cultivated a long tradition of our formal Concours d’Elegance, of participation in many local and regional car shows with other car clubs, and of simply gathering with other aficionados at suburban parking lots to “Shine and Show.”  After all, one of the tenets expressed in the NCJOC Bylaws is the furtherance and promotion of:  “The enjoyment and sharing of goodwill and fellowship engendered by owning a Jaguar and engaging in such social or other activities as may be agreeable to the membership.”


Here are a few tips for new members about how the Concours d'Elegance works.  Listed here are the three types of entries in which you can register a car to be judged at the Concours:  Champion Division; Driven Division; and, Special Division.  And, a fourth category, for Display only, are for cars that owners wish to include in the show but not be officially judged.


The Champion Division is for those owners who wish to compete with similar models for awards throughout all clubs in the Jaguar Clubs of North America.  These cars are virtually rolling museum pieces.   Cars registered in the Champion Division are scored by a set of three judges trained to assess the cars for cleanliness, condition, and authenticity.  The judges' assessments are recorded on very detailed score sheets for the exterior, the interior, the engine compartment, and a fourth score sheet to verify the operation of the lights and horn.    


Cars registered in the Driven Division are scored, with a few exceptions, just as rigorously as are those in the Champion Division, and they also compete for awards throughout all of JCNA.  As a concession to owners who may drive these cars more extensively than those of the Champion Division, the engine compartment and the boot (trunk) are not judged.


Cars registered in the Special Division are Jaguar-powered cars that have been modified or “personalized” by their owners to some extent and may include race-prepared cars.  Special cars are judged for cleanliness and condition, but not for authenticity since the modifications depart from standard factory features.   


Finally, the Display Category, the "fun bunch," is provided for owners who wish to show their cars informally without any judges or their score sheets. We hope that many of you will just "Shine, Show and Go" for the camaraderie, the pleasure of seeing some gorgeous cars, and the prospect of learning more about your car and its care.


Please hurry on down to your friendly, neighborhood keyboard, and register for the NCJOC Concours d'Elegance.  Find the Concours registration form on this webpage.  Note that the deadline for registering cars to be judged is August 31, and the deadline for Display cars is September 6.   The lead-time is important to the Concours staff in preparing the program materials and arrangements.


Cars are judged for authenticity to the original factory specifications, for condition and for cleanliness.  A common mis-perception  is that waxing and polishing suffice for a good entry.  However, shiny paint alone may not avoid deductions.  Instead, your Jaguar needs to be as clean as possible. Check for the following discrepancies::



Tar Specs

Paint Chips (untouched up chips are a greater deduction than repaired)

Wax Residue

Water Spots

Glass with streaks, smudges or swirls

Lower side sills (i.e. the area under the doors) not clean

Tires that are not black or clean (treads do not have to be perfectly clean)

Dirt and grit on the road wheels



 Carpets not free from lint, dirt, or stains

Inside of air vents (dusty)

Wood with smudges or fingerprints

Inside of map pockets (lint, dirt, debris)

Stains on seat belts

Rubber door seals torn, worn, or cut

Spare Tire not clean, worn, and/or not matching road wheels

Dirt, dust, or lint in trunk

Battery and compartment area clean 


Engine (Champion Classes Only)

Hoses and/or belts not clean and/or not original Jaguar

Engine block dirty

Area in front of radiator/radiator dirty (e.g. bugs)

General dirt on components, metalwork, etc.

Under hood insulation dirty, worn, or frayed.











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