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Due to COVID-19, NCJOC activities remain limited.

Message from NCJOC's President:

Updated March 2021:


The Covid-19 pandemic has severely limited most NCJOC activities over the past year. But now, as the COVID case counts continue to decline and the vaccinations expand, car clubs have been willing to post plans for the traditional motoring season from April through October in our area.  Also throughout the JCNA, 22 clubs have thus far scheduled concours events for the 2021 season, signaling that there will be a worthy field of competitors for the concours aficionados.

Our own Concours d'Elegance is scheduled for Saturday September 18 at the GEICO headquarters campus in Chevy Chase MD with the important precondition that our host, GEICO, decides to allow an outdoor public event on its site, subject to whatever masking and social distancing guidelines are in effect in September.

Among other events, NCJOC is planning on conducting several "Flash Drives" throughout the driving season.  These informal drives are announced a week or 10 days prior to the drive; distances likely 50 to 100 miles; lunch stops likely during or after the event.  Interested drivers assemble at the appointed time and place, and a drive leader will provide route maps or guidelines upon departure.  Last-minute notices are provided for possible rainy conditions.  The focus is on having fun times on interesting roads with like-minded "roadies."

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